Aeolus Science Conference 2023

22–26 May 2023 | Rodos Palace Hotel | Rhodes Island, Greece


We are thrilled to announce that alongside our main event, we will be hosting a parallel event exclusively for schools in Rhodes. This unique occasion will bring together close to 150 students, offering them an exciting opportunity to delve into the captivating world of Earth Observation and Aeolus.

For this parallel event, a team of education experts have curated a range of activities and experiments specifically designed to engage young minds, ignite their curiosity about space and showcase the remarkable achievements of the Aeolus wind mission.

Panagiota Asimakopoulou, a teacher and PhD candidate at the University of Athens, and Maria Tsichla, a researcher at NOA, with the help of the ESA education office and the Greek ESERO office, have designed an interactive educational programme during which students will have the chance to participate in hands-on experiments, discover the intricacies of measuring wind, and explore the various tools and techniques used by experts in this field.

During the event and considering that wind-related concepts are well connected with numerous school curricular topics, 6th grade students from the 1rst, 12th and the 13th Primary school of Rhodes, will have the chance to discover why the wind blows, how Aeolus measures winds from space with its advanced Doppler Wind Lidar sensors and why the Aeolus mission is so important.  Finally, students will have the chance to meet and interact with members of the European Space Agency, with scientists and Aeolus experts, which will offer valuable insights into space exploration, and guidance on pursuing careers in this captivating area.

Fostering an interest in space and science among the younger generation is crucial for the future of space exploration and discovery and thus we are happy that  this Aeolus-related educational initiative has created excitement among the educational community of Rhodes.

With many thanks to:

Rodos Palace hotel, for kindly offering the conference room for the educational programme.

Geological Department of the University of Athens  and LACAE, for the development of the educational material and the provision of the wind measuring instruments

National Observatory of Athens for the provision of radiosondes and equipment for the experiments

ESA Education Office for their valuable guidance and support.

Greek ESERO office for their valuable guidance and support.